Exactly what is a Smartboard or Electronic White board?

The SMART Board is definitely an interactive white board that turns your pc and knowledge projector right into a effective tool for teaching and presenting. Using the computer image forecasted around the Board, simply employ your finger and press around the large touch-sensitive surface to manage the pc. This enables your students or employees to complete presentations in the front from the room rather of getting to become in the computer.

Using among the pens in the SMART Pen Tray, you simply write around the board and also the touch-sensitive screen informs the pc what color pen you use as well as your notes are forecasted to the screen within the correct color. It can save you these notes on the pc or send these to your printer obtain out like a study aid. They are just a few the numerous ways to use this excellent tool.

The SMART Board is definitely an interactive white board. While using SMART Board, you are able to:

” Save notes written around the Board to some computer file

” Make use of your finger to press around the Board to manage Home windows and Mac pc applications and

other multimedia materials forecasted to the Board’s touch-sensitive surface.

You are able to

then write over surface of your applications and save the annotations to some computer file.

The notes and annotated images could be printed from the printer, e-mailed, published to some network, copied and pasted into other applications or saved being an HTML file. SMART Board Software, incorporated with each and every SMART Board, dramatically enhances group collaboration. Smartboards are ideal for schools and meeting rooms or any application that requires visual communication or collaboration on the internet. Make a workspace where communication flows freely between individuals and groups – whether you are at work or a large number of miles away. Collaborate with colleagues or clients by developing a conference session that can take seconds to setup – and it can be done all out of your own office, saving valuable travel costs and time.

So how exactly does the SMART Board work?

It uses resistive technology, meaning there’s a little air gap between two sheets of resistive material within the board. Whenever you press around the Board together with your finger or perhaps an ordinary dry-erase marker, a message point is registered and it is coordinates match exactly the same area on the pc screen. Since the SMART Board is dependant on resistive technology, it doesn’t need a special stylus or pen to do mouse or pen functions in the Board, only pressure around the Board’s surface.

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