Need a powerful server for business:

When everything is going online and business is coming to digital platform for their users. So, every online business needs to have their server. And the server must be very powerful to perform all the data. So, the website runs smoothly and for that Dell PowerEdge R330 is the best thing. It is new version of R320 with powerful Intel Xenon E-1200 v-6 processor and supports DDR4 memory. It is very powerful and versatile 1-socket rack server which is very good for small and medium business (SMB) and remote office/ branch office (ROBO).

                                                                     The DDR4 memory gives % faster clock speed than DDR3 memory. The chipset is also new which is Intel C236. That is why it is recommended for all SMB and ROBO to use this powerful 1-socket rack server. It has a high efficiency to perform all the task without lagging or something. The person will be fully satisfied with this product.

A powerful server also needs a good amount of storage

Storage is also very necessary for the smooth running of the business. Without a good amount of storage, the website can’t run smoothly. Even though it has the best and powerful server. So, for that use Dell PowerVault LTO6 External Tape Drive which is based on linear tape open (LTO) technology. A single LTO tape can hold up to 2.5TB of data and gives a transfer rate of 160MB/sec. And that makes it ideal for buying with so much amount of storage.

Check the warranty paper

These products are some of the expensive products which come with a warranty. Larger the warranty period will always be good with such products. Like 3 to 5 years most company who sold such stuff will give 3 years of warranty. But make sure to check the documents.

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