Reset any WordPress Websites Easily – Try WP Reset

How to reset the WordPress site? A typical inquiry among the most WordPress users. We love WordPress, but we have to admit there have been times when I’d hoped to find a “Reset WordPress” within the dashboard.

What is a WordPress Reset?

WordPress reset is like your smartphone reset like a factory reset. Through a WordPress reset, you are reverting your WordPress site to its very beginning stage by removing all additional data you have included.

As it is WordPress you can without much of a stretch reset WordPress websites utilizing the plugin or else for a somewhat more clear picture of what are you doing with the site. In this post, we included the best method to reset any WordPress websites easily.

Reset WordPress Website using WP Reset

Resetting WordPress becomes very easy using the plugin WP Reset. One of the advantages of this Plugin you can reset any type of WordPress site in one click. Following are the steps to reset your WordPress website using the WP Reset Plugin. WP Reset Plugin is absolutely free to use.

1. Download WP Reset Plugin from the official website or from the WordPress Plugin Directory. The Plugin named as “WP Reset – Best WordPress Reset Plugin” Check the below screenshot.

2. After completing the installation, open plugin’s settings page located under the Tools menu.

3. Reset your Website

Scroll down to the bottom and you can see the option to reset your website. Type reset in the confirmation field to confirm the reset.

Delete only Transients, Themes, Plugins, and .htaccess File

You have the option to delete Transients, Themes, or only Plugins through WP Reset. Open the WP reset plugins settings page and select the “Tools” tab to find this option.

There you have the option to delete transients. All transient related database entries will be deleted if you select this. Scroll down and there you can see the option to delete themes and plugins. All themes will be deleted including the currently active theme. If you are going to select Plugin delete option, all plugins will be deleted except for WP Reset which will remain active.

Scroll down to the bottom to find the option to Delete .htaccess File. We recommend you to take a backup of your website before proceeding with WP Reset. If you want to learn about the best WordPress Themes and Plugins, visit ThemeCircle.

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