Why You Should Separate Garbages

Each house, office or building requires specific containers that adapt to their individual needs with sufficient capacity and the best materials to be resistant for use inside and outside. Garbage containers are basic elements that should never be lacking since the proper handling of garbage is necessary to maintain an orderly and clean space.

The containers can be found with several materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel or, the most commonly used today, plastic box (กล่อง พลาสติก ใส่ ของ, which is the term in Thai). Plastic containers are mostly used because they significantly facilitate the handling of waste.

Why Separate Garbage 

To facilitate the separation and collection of garbage, the best option is the use of trash can with lid (ถัง ขยะ มี ฝา ปิด, which is the term in Thai) which offer the best advantage for this purpose. By putting together the same type of materials, they can be treated in a correct way, that is, when the organic garbage is put together it can be used to make compost or make compost. This means that it helps agriculture and the maintenance of vegetation. In the same way, it happens with inorganic materials which is stored together to be recycled, which helps to stop being a waste and to be a useful product again. 

Some Benefits incudes:

  • Helps prevent contamination of land, rivers and air. 
  • It allows the renewal of the land. 
  • Decreases the risk of death in animals. 
  • Reduce production costs by the recycling. 
  • Prevents the dispersion of toxic substances. 
  • Repel animal pests that occur in dirty conditions. The mixture of waste prevents the use of a large mass of waste. If we took advantage of all organic and inorganic waste, we would only produce 17% of the garbage we currently produce.

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